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401k Rollover

Consumers are faced with many options when it comes to their companies 401k plan. It is important to note, the roll-over or transfer to one's existing IRA, a new IRA or a new company 401k plan takes place through a triggering evet. A triggering event comes when one leaves their employer. If the person leaves the employer prior to retirement, the empoyee has three options:

  1. Keep the 401k
  2. Transfer it to a new 401k plan at their new company
  3. Transfer it to an IRA
    • All choices adove hold true, except transferring to a new 401k plan, if the person leaves as a reult of retirement

In addition to the above, Many 401k plans enable employees to transfer funds to their IRA while still working, if they have reached the age of 59½. There are pros and cons for transferring from a 401k plan to an IRA, and one should speak with a financial advisor to see which option is best for them.