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What Sets Us Apart

We understand you have many choices in selecting who to work with when it comes to your financial future.  So, what sets us apart from the rest? Well, first it is important to define how we work.

Financial professionals typically fall into three categories,

  1. The Salesperson - The salesperson is basically trying to sell you a product you might or might not need but serves the best interest of the salesperson.
  2. The Generalist - The generalist manages money and typically has three or maybe four predetermined portfolios. Each client is positioned into one of these predetermined portfolios. This might work well when your young and starting out, but as you grow you might need more individualized management to best serve your needs.
  3. The Specialist - The specialist helps you grow your money seeking to protect you from the factors that might impede growth.

At Diversified Investment Strategies, we operate as a Specialist. We not only help with the growth of your money, we help you build a strategy striving to protect yourself from the eroding factors such as market risk, taxes, inflation, and health care risk, just to name a few.

Through our years of experience, we have found that a down market at the wrong time can negate a comfortable retirement. Or a tax increase while retired can make a comfortable retirement an uncomfortable retirement. Incurring a health setback in retirement can also severely impact retirement.

Many financial advisors are well meaning individuals. But they don’t have strategic plans if markets go down, or taxes go up, if inflation rises or if you have a severe health crisis. We understand that markets go down, that is what markets do. We also understand that taxes go up, that is what government does.

So, what sets us apart? We formulate strategies for our clients to mitigate tax risk, market risk, health care risk and many more. We welcome a brief phone call to discuss how working with Diversified Investment Strategies help you potentially have a more comfortable and a financially independent future.