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Retirement Planning

Client Centered

Retirement planning really has two phases, the first being pre-retirement planning for those still in the workforce. During this phase, we would first determine at what age you would like to retire, then we would determine, what your retirement looks like. The vision must be very specific to achieve optimum results, and the vision should include but not limited to where your are going to live, what you want to do during retirement. Being as specific as possible enables us to determine what income you will need to achieve optimum retirement. Additionally, we need to determine cash needs during retirement, this may include money needed for children, home improvements, and health care expenses to name a few.

Once a vision is determined, the next phase is to look at present investments, present savings, and to determine at present level how achievable the desired goal is. Adjustments then can be made to adjust asset allocation and savings to increase the probability of success. Other considerations would be to determine social security strategies, debt payments, and the timing of withdrawals from various investment types. One of our goals at Diversified Investment Strategies is to increase the probability of success without increasing clients' risk exposure.