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Stacy's Stories

Hi everyone –

It is coincidental but also meaningful that I am working at Diversified investment Strategies.

Michael and I talk about and deal with life insurance every day.

Who wants to think about that? Who would think that they may really need it one day? I certainly didn't.

I vaguely remember my husband telling me that he was getting life insurance. I think my eyes glazed over while he was talking. I was probably watching "The Bachelor" or something like that while he was speaking, which seemed much more important at the time. I didn't pay attention. I do remember telling him that I didn't want to think about anything like that, and nothing was going to happen to him anyway.

I couldn't have been more wrong. Unfortunately, a few years later my husband passed away. His death was very sudden so there was no time to talk about things like life insurance. While I did remember having that quick conversation about life insurance years earlier, I did not know anything about it. What company was it with? Where was the policy? How much was it for? Could it have lapsed? I was clueless.

Luckily, he had informed some friends and family about the policy. Since they weren't watching reality TV while he explained it, they were able to help point me in the right direction to file my claim.

I was very lucky. If my husband had thought like I did, that "nothing is going to happen", I would be in a very unfortunate situation today.

Things do happen. I know this better than anyone. It completely sucks, but they do. I always thought it happened to other people. You know - a college friend's cousin's uncle, a neighbor of your brother's in-laws, someone in your town that you met once at a party. I never would have thought it could happen to us.

Chances are, something like that will not happen to most families. It really is pretty rare. But now I know that it is very important to be prepared, just in case.

I can say a lot of things about my husband. He was far from perfect - he left his dirty clothes ALL over the house, he was not the least bit handy, he was always late - I could go on :). But thankfully, he was smart about something terribly important. I will always be grateful for that.

Now I work for a company that sells life insurance. I can’t help but think that maybe there is a reason for me working here. If I could, I would shout the importance of life insurance from the rooftops. If one person hears my story and takes action to help their family in case of tragedy, then I know why I really have this job.

Just something to think about.

If you would like to talk to me about this, or are in need of any assistance, feel free to email me at stacy@diversifiedinv.com or call at (973) 533-1919.


I am the voice on the phone here at Diversified Investment Strategies. I speak with many of you often, and I hope to speak with more of you in the future. I am also looking forward to meeting those who have not yet had the chance to come into the office since I began working here in May 2015.

I am Michael’s Sales Assistant, and I wear many different hats in our very busy office.

I am also a published writer.

Michael and I thought that combining my love of writing with my “day job” would be a great idea. Bringing a face and a story to the voice on the phone will hopefully help you to get to know me better, as well as hear about all of the wonderful things that are going on here at Diversified Investment Strategies. And I might throw in a few interesting updates about Michael as well. ?

A little background on me –

I am the mother of two wonderful teenage girls, now ages 15 and 17. I found myself a single mom five years ago after the unexpected death of my husband.

Before working with Michael, I taught preschool. A couple of years ago I felt I needed a change. So I made a HUGE change - and went from working with two year olds to working in the world of finance. I have not regretted my decision for one minute. Not only is Diversified Investment Strategies a great place to work, I have also learned so much about finance. I am now able to help Michael to help our clients work towards their goals. Along the way, I have picked up many great tips regarding my own finances and what is needed to reach my own goals. And although I do love children, I do not miss all the germs that came along with a class of preschoolers. :)

I will be sending out this newsletter, “Stacy’s Stories” often. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I believe I will enjoy writing it.

As always, if you have any questions or if I can be of assistance, I can be reached at (973) 533-1919 or stacy@diversifiedinv.com.

Have a great day! :)