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Referrals Welcomed

 The Lifeblood of any professional is referrals from satisfied clients, our firm is no different. The referral starts in your understanding about what sets me apart, may it be my service, my commitment to your success or my unique expertise, and of course your satisfaction with the end result. Obviously, if you don't see much value in me - we need to speak. So think about the value you receive and then think of people you know in a similar situation as you or might be going through a transition in their life, a transition might be retirement, opened a new business, lost their job, just received a promotion, or started a new job. Then approach them by saying, "I don't know much about your personal financial situation, but I am dealing with Michael Rosenberg, he was just included in a publication of some of the top Financial Advisors in the country, would you mind if I gave Michael your contact information so he can send you a copy of the piece they did on him? I think you will find it interesting. After you read it then you can decide if meeting with Michael might be helpful to you." That's it, some will say no of course they are happy with their guy, and most will say sure. You might be helping a friend, and that is probably one of the best feelings in the world. Remember most people's financial situation is not as great as they make it out to seem. Think about if you ask someone how they are, 9 out of 10 people will tell you they are great, but are they really? So contact Stacy at 973-533-1919 or email her at stacy.feintuch@lpl.com and give her a few names of people you really care about, you will be glad your did.